My Background

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Expert Kids Yoga Specialist

Trauma and Special Needs Yoga Specialist

She has been teaching Kids Yoga since 2012. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, Katie Feldman who is a Kids Yoga Instructor and founded Spiraling Hearts Kids Yoga Games and Activities in 2006.

She has taken over Spiraling Hearts Kids Yoga expanding beyond just kids yoga while also helping bring Kids Yoga games and tools to kids, families and teachers world wide. Yoga has multiple benefits.

She started Yoga herself since taking her first Yoga class at 12 which inspires her dedication to Yoga for all abilities. Jessica continues to educate herself in the field of children’s Yoga, Yoga for special needs and trauma informed Yoga and brings her knowledge to hundreds of individuals a year.

My Approach

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Yoga increases mobility, flexibility and strength. Balance is an important benefit of yoga. Ankle strengthing makes a huge difference in balance and stability. Yoga benefits breath control and awareness helping to calm the body and mind. Mindfulness and meditation increase a positive mindset. Spiraling hearts focuses on self love and acceptance as the most important benefit of yoga.